Asdon IT offers on-site installation of broadband and fibre connections, leased circuits with or without wireless networking. We also offer Virtual Private Networking (VPN) solutions to facilitate secure connections to your offices from remote locations.

Business Broadband that you can rely on

At Asdon we know how vital your internet connection is – whether you are emailing clients, uploading large files or even video conferencing. We will give you the best possible broadband and the best possible service.

With 99.9% availability across our network and Proactive Monitoring taking care all our connections, we do everything we can to minimise problems.

Business Fibre

Asdon are one of a few providers able to offer new fibre broadband for the business right from the start of the roll out programme.

Offering faster speeds and, crucially, an assured throughput, fibre broadband for the business provides a consistently better performance than ADSL.

Get the best for your business with fibre, the next-generation broadband.

Bonded DSL

Bonded DSL guarantees faster broadband regardless of where you are. There’s no expensive install, and it all works over normal telephone lines.

Bonded DSL works by bonding up to 4 standard broadband lines together, creating a single virtual broadband connection to the internet for your business.

It’s the ideal solution if you are looking for a cost effective way to increase your speed or are unable to benefit from other solutions such as Fibre Broadband.

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