How would you assess your recruitment currently?

  • Costly?
  • Time-consuming?
  • On-going?
  • Fruitless?
  • Frustrating?
  • Ineffective?
  • Can’t get the right people?


Develop your existing team as an alternative to recruitment.

Recruiting and retaining the right people is more difficult than ever.  People have more options and are willing to change but only if the opportunity looks attractive.

The best people you are looking are searching via message boards as before so when you need to fill a position you can’t attract the right people at that time and you end up settling for what’s available

We can work with you to identify highlight key areas where your existing team could be utilised and developed to fill the vacancy by optimising your business processes and workflow.


Most employees won’t make the decision to change roles easily.

The workforce talent won’t always be looking to make the change or will be too risk-averse to do so. If they aren’t actively looking to move jobs how do you attract them?

Those who would like to change but don’t ever apply are potentially too risk averse to do anything about changing positions.  They need to know there are more suitable opportunities available.

Gone are the days where you could depend on simply placing an advert, reading a CV and hoping to appoint the right person.


There is more you need to do. 

Even before your recruitment process begins what do you have in place and what do you do to ensure the opportunity to join your team is the best proposition for the candidates you are trying to attract?


Why should the best people come to you? 

We will work with you in helping develop your recruitment and employment proposition in order to attract the most suitable candidates for your role.

Once you’re happy with your proposition we will then begin the process of locating the candidates most suitable to your role.  We’ll utilise the professional use of social media, LinkedIn, message boards, and publications along with our relationships and expertise to identify the candidate or candidates who will be the best fit for your company.


The recruitment journey.

The recruitment journey should be straightforward and provide the best outcome for both the recruitee and the recruiter.   We provide a service to our clients that enables them in future to better handle their recruitment needs without or with reduced assistance from us.



We can also help you clarify if you need to recruit or if there are other options available to you.

This can be by way of assessing if current workflows and processes are as effective as they could be.

We would make recommendations of where time-saving improvements could be made to increase the number of hours of productivity thus potentially removing the need for recruitment all together or changing the nature of the recruitment to a different role altogether.



By engaging with the current workforce we can help lead a project to identify opportunities to retrain the current team.

Allow them to absorb the workload of the people you are seeking to recruit which provides an opportunity to bring them into the process and get their buy in for the proposed changes.

It also provides an opportunity for reviewing current salaries without increasing your payroll budget as the absorption of the role through effective re-training


Recruitment should be strategic and proactive – don’t wait for it to become urgent.

If you would like to consider working with us on any potential projects, or would like to discuss how any of our options might work for your business please contact us and we can arrange a no-obligation meeting with you.

02892 626260

Human resource support services.

HR remains an underdeveloped function within many organisations.  For example, it is often not clearly defined as how best to and who will induct your new staff and how to continue the training and development of the staff you already have.


With clear & defined processes we can assist with:

  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Increased employee retention.
  • Reducing employee absence.
  • Improvement of company culture and moral.
  • Improved efficiencies.


But where do you begin?

HR should be a light touch and used to continually develop a well-established set of policies & processes focused on the ongoing engagement and development of staff.

For example, what would you provide to a new employee who was starting?


Do you have :

  • Induction process?
  • Contracts of employment?
  • Clearly defined policies & procedures?
  • Job descriptions?
  • Company benefits available?
  • Dedicated people to induct your new people?


Expectation management.

What do you expect from them and what should they expect from you?

Setting out what is expected from a new employee at the beginning of their employment is essential to ensuring they remain with you.

Inductions set the scene for the person and the role they fill within your team.  Setting the expectations of the company from the outset ensures you have the best opportunity to make this a successful recruitment process and you are not back in a few months doing it all over again.

You can then utilise the real potential of HR within your business.  The on-going development and engagement of staff which will ultimately ensure greater output, increased feedback, greater buy-in, reduced recruitment costs and greater customer/client service.

You can achieve these targets through regular appraisals, training plans, incentives, additional benefits and by listening to your staff and identifying what will get the best from them as individuals.


No matter where you are with your HR development we can support you.

Whether it’s starting from the beginning, refreshing and reviewing what you already have in place or by identifying potential areas for improvement, we can assist with it all.

Your employees are your greatest asset and utilising your HR capability across your entire management team will ensure you get the best outcomes for all your employees.

If you would like to consider working with us to review how we could streamline and enhance your HR effectiveness please contact us and we can a no obligation meeting with you.


Business development review

  • Employee Retention
  • Business Process Review
  • Training of Key Staff
  • Staff Profiling for Development
  • Staff Appraisals
  • Team/Department Assessment and Review
  • HR Support for Contracts / Policies / Staff Guides


Recruitment support services

  • Recruitment Options
    • Indirect Recruitment – place an ad on a job message board and wait for the talent to find you
    • Direct Recruitment – Use our targeted recruitment services to approach and attract the Top talent to your business.
  • Pre-recruitment Planning
    • Business profile review and Pre-planning advice and support
    • Company Profile building – Linkedin
    • Website content review
    • Linkedin development and positioning for key staff
  • Recruitment Process Management
    • Coordination of the recruitment process
    • Job adverts specifically created to attract the best talent

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