Are you taking GDPR seriously!!!


Even with Brexit looming all UK and Northern Ireland companies must comply GDPR regulations which will affect all businesses in the from 28th May 2018. it is the employers responsibility to ensure your staff are trained and fully aware of data protection, data processing and their responsibilities under the regulations.


Human error is the most likely cause of a data breach or loss, not hacking or malware, which recent headlines would lead you to believe.


In most organisations, the staff at some, if not all levels, come into constant contact with personal data, leaving you open to the issue of human error.  Training and education – to equip staff with knowledge will ensure they don’t fall into any pitfalls, which will affect your business.


You aren’t just providing your staff with training, you’re providing them with knowledge that may prevent them from causing a data breach, knowledge that will allow them to understand the identification, importance and relevance of the personal data they come into contact with, knowledge that will allow them to question how their data is handled and in turn question how they (and your company) are handling personal data.


Asdon Group can provide your company with access to an easy to use online training platform.


Under our GDPR training we cover:


  • The relevance of GDPR
  • The key definitions
  • The key principles
  • Rights of individuals
  • Consequences of non-compliance


Take your staff from being a potential risk and turn them into invaluable assets.


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